Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Animals at Oasis Academy Warndon in the heart of Worcestershire need your help

Animals at Oasis Academy Warndon in the heart of Worcestershire need your help
Daniel Marsh

A local academy and their resident family of alpacas on the periphery of Worcester City is asking for your help, following the recent rainfall amounts around the Midlands area in the last few weeks.

Oasis Academy Warndon, part of Oasis Community Hub have recently faced a difficult situation with their alpacas following the deluge of rainfall which has unfortunately led to their paddock no longer existing.

The alpacas were due to have temporary accommodation which is unable to go ahead. Oasis Academy Warndon have already raised an amazing £800 through a non-school uniform day and local builders merchants Kellaway Building Supplies (Worcester Branch) provided a number of materials free of charge.

They are now seeking to raise a total of £1,200 to purchase materials to rebuild their paddock. But in addition to this the school is appealing to anybody who can donate time and their skills to build it.

Emily Hobson, Principal at Oasis Academy Warndon, commented on the project, saying; “We are really grateful to our children and their families for helping us to raise the money for the new paddock for the school alpacas, it’s an amazing amount of money and just shows how much the children and families care about our school animals.”

Fay Osborne, Hub Leader at Oasis Hub Warndon, added “The children love visiting the alpacas before and after school. We really hope that somebody out there might be able to help bring us one step closer to getting the paddock built for them. We know that it’s a really big ask, it’s been exceptionally wet weather that has brought about this situation and we would really like for our animals to have a relief paddock so that they can happily go out to graze. We would be so grateful of any support that anybody can offer.”

The key materials needed are 95m of 100mm half round fence rail, 55 of 88mm x 1680mm fence poles, 100m wire mesh, screws / nails / tacks, and a post and gate to change between the two paddocks.

Do you think you’re able to support the local farm in rebuilding their alpaca paddock? Contact the hub directly via email on or telephone 01905 45 35 30.