Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

June and July 2020

We increased numbers of pupils returning to the academy from 1st June, starting with Reception and Year 1. We're please to also be welcoming back year 6 from 15th June.

In this section there is a video message from Miss Hobson for everyone to explain how we will be reurning, a video on how we will stay safe in school and a guide to help you know what to expect when you return. There are some slight difference for year 6 which are outlined below.

Message from Miss Hobson

Returning to school video

Booklet for our pupils

Year 6 Additional Details

  • Arrive at 9am leave at 3pm.
  • Enter through the SIDE GATE near the end of the car park by the main reception (Disco and Parent Events exit) and be collected by staff in from their bubbles before moving via the outside of the building to their classrooms and entering the room through the external doors.
  • Children who have permission to walk home will be dismissed from Shap Drive gate ensuring children social distance and are dismissed one class at a time one child at a time.
  • Children being collected by parents will be dismissed from the side gate they entered through.
  • At collection, parents are requested to line up the path using the allocated social distance spaces leading up to the exit. Children and parents will then loop round on to the grass which will be sectioned to leave the site.