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Covid-19 Communication

Principal Message

Please see the attached letter to puils sent out on Friday for those in the academy. Click on the image below to download a copy of the letter.

Work to complete at home plan

Work packs have been sent home with 3 weeks worth of work for 23rd/30th March and the 20th April (see here on website).

You can now email teachers about any queries with the work. They will check at 12pm and respond between 12 and 2pm:

  • Happy Hearts: happy.hearts@oasiswarndon.org
  • Pre-School: nursery@oasiswarndon.org
  • RP/RT/RJ: reception@oasiswarndon.org
  • 1C/1R/1K: year1@oasiswarndon.org
  • 2R/2W/2S: year2@oasiswarndon.org
  • 3C/3P/3M: year3@oasiswarndon.org
  • 4T/4B/4A: year4@oasiswarndon.org
  • 5P/5D/5W: year5@oasiswarndon.org
  • 6H/6S/6C: year6@oasiswarndon.org

Key Worker Places in the Academy

All places have now been agreed and checked. If you think you are eligible for a school place under Key Worker list and have no other childcare options at all - please call the academy on 01905 453530 and a Senior Leader will return your call.

Food Provision for those qualifying for FSM

From this week we are moving from food being given out at the academy, to sending vouchers to be used at supermarkets directly to your email if your children are in Reception/Year1/Year2 or if your children qualify for free school meals in Year 3/4/5/6. 

If you have internet access, the easiest and safest thing to do would be to set up an email account. You can do this for free with google or with outlook or search for 'free email account'.

Once you recieve the email you need to go to www.vouchershopexchange.co.uk and enter your cheque number and code, choose the £15 voucher amount and select your supermarket. You can then download or print the voucher.

Please see the letter below dated 26/03/20 for more details. Contact the academy on admin@oasiswarndon.org or 01905 453530 to update your email address or check if you are eligible.

You can also find your nearest foodbank here.

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