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Year 6 Broadhaven Residential Trip 2019

Year 6 Broadhaven Residential Trip 2019

On the first day we arrived we were split into two groups, while the first group went rock climbing and the other group went for a coastal walk. Both activities were making us all sweaty!

On the second day we woke up and one group went body boarding whilst the other group went coast steering. The following afternoon after a cold start, the first group then went on their coastal walk where we stopped off at one of the beaches where we spotted a jelly fish and a crab. The second group went body boarding and came back really cold. They said they though Alex had been stung by a jellyfish!

The last day, the two groups did their last activity. The first group went coast steering. Jessica and I were saying that we should rate how cold  it was when we jumped in. Jessica jumped in and shouted ’10, 10, freezing, definitely 10!’ The other groups final activity was rock  climbing. They came back and said it was ‘amazing’.

On the last day we all came back on the coach for a long four hours! Everyone was exhausted but glad they went!