Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The Academy is committed to helping all students to flourish regardless of their specific needs. We believe that every person matters and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to ensure that every student realises their potential.

If a student has special educational needs (SEN), the Academy will take every reasonable step to identify and meet them.

Oasis’ ethos is based on an overarching theme of Inclusion; welcoming, encouraging and enabling all to achieve their best whatever the challenges may be in doing so. 

As an Academy we:

  • Identify children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and ensure provision is made in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice 
  • Have an appointed SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Ensure that teaching is inclusive and support practices are embedded throughout the academy
  • Ensure that all teachers understand that they are teachers of SEND
  • Plan for transitions across all Key Stages

In line with the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Code of Practice these children are placed on the Academy’s SEND register. Their progress is closely monitored and reviewed at regular intervals. Individual Education Plans may be written for children with Special Educational Needs and are reviewed with Parents/Carers at Parents/Carers’ Evenings or by arrangement. If necessary the Academy is able to access many support agencies in order to help meet their needs. Click here to see the school offer/SEN information report. Alternatively click here to see the local authority offer.

Our Inclusion Leader is Mrs Suzanne Owen. To contact Mrs Owen please email

Our Commitment to Equality

Equality and inclusion are at the heart of Oasis. We have a passion to include everyone and a deep desire to treat everyone equally. We accept others for who they are and respect differences.

The Academy’s aim is to ensure that all its students achieve their full potential, regardless of differentiating needs. If a student has special educational needs or disability needs (SEND), the Academy will take every reasonable step to identify and meet them. Further information on the policy and provision for SEND can be obtained from the Academy. Students with SEND who do not have statements of special educational needs or an Educational Health Care Plan will be admitted on an equal basis with others in accordance with the Academy’s admissions policy.


We are very proud of our Thrive curriculum at Warndon which is run by Mrs Reynolds. Thrive provides cutting edge research regarding how a child's brain develops and the sort of learning and relationships that children need in order to be the very best version of themselves.  What we know is that the quality of relationships can help to build a healthy brain for a child. This enables access to learning and the most fulfilling life. Our Thrive curriculum is for all children - we assess their emotional and social needs, which then enables us to build activities into their project curriculum.  We also use Thrive to work one to one with children where it is needed.  

The Thrive approach is also about an ethos of how we treat one another.  Love, laughter, empathy, acceptance and being curious to children's lives and learning experiences is our mantra for all relationships within Oasis Academy Warndon.