Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Reading and Phonics


At Oasis Academy Warndon we follow the Read Write Inc programme to teach phonics, reading and inspire our writing. Read Write Inc starts in Nursery where children learn the Set 1 Speed Sounds. The Read Write Inc learning journey then continues into Reception and Key Stage 1. Children are assessed at the end of each term, are grouped accordingly and progress through the programme providing suitable challenges for their assessed phonics level. For more information on assessment and grouping, speed sounds and how to support your child at home. Please select the following presentation.

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Phonics Screening Check

In Key Stage 1 children are assessed at the end of Year 1 using a Government Statutory Assessment Tool known as the Phonics Screening Check. This screening check confirms whether the child has learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard and will identify sounds needing further consolidation in Year 2. For more information on the Phonics Screening check and for suggestions on how to support your child at home please select the following Year 1 phonics workshop.

Resources to support at home

Here you will find a selection of phonic flashcards and word lists to support your child reading as they progress through the Read Write Inc programme. 

Speed Sounds

Speed Sounds Set 1

Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3 

Speeds Sounds Set 4 and 5  Speed Sounds Set 6 and 7


Green Words 

Ditty 1 Green Words Ditty 2 Green Words Set 1 and 2 Green Words Set 3 Green Words Set 4  Green Words Set 5 Green Words Set 6 Green Words Set 7 Green Words 


Red Words 

Ditty 1 Red Words Ditty 2 Red Words Set 1 and 2  Red Words Set 3 and 4 Red Words Set 5 Red Words Set 6 Red Words

Set 7 Red Words 



Good literacy skills provide us with the building blocks not just for academic success, but for fulling carers and rewarding lives. 
Education Endowment Fund (2017)



Children in our academy will leave as fluent, confident readers with excellent comprehension skills in order to prepare them for the next stage in their education.  We will also nurture a passion for reading ensuring we broaden our children’s minds and horizons.  There are five strands to our agreed approach: daily phonic sessions in key stage 1; shared and guided reading across key stage 1 and 2; daily silent reading in class across key stage 1 and 2; regular home reading and our academy’s reading ethos.

Home Reading (Oasis Academy Warndon Loves To Read)

Across our academy, the expectation is that children will read for a minimum of 5 times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Each child has their own reading record, which must be signed by an adult; in key stage 2, children must also complete the daily task in their reading record.  Children who do not have their reading record completed by an adult at home, will read to an adult in the academy the following day.


In EYFS and key stage 1, each classroom is fully stocked with Collins Big Cat books providing children with a wide variety of literature and nonfiction texts.  In key stage 2, book corners are stocked with a wide range of age appropriate high quality texts; focus authors are introduced to support children’s independence and enjoyment of reading.


A daily class record is kept of regular readers and a weekly class percentage of regular readers sent to the English Leader.  The class across EYFS and each phase with the best percentage each week will be rewarded with 20 minutes of golden time on a Friday afternoon.  Each half term, every regular reader is placed into a prize draw to win a £10 book token.  At the end of the academic year any child who has read regularly for every academic week will be entered into a prize draw to win a bike.

Parents/Carers and The Home Environment

Through our Oasis Academy Warndon Loves To Read reading records, we support and encourage parental engagement in home reading.  The reading records are personalised to individual children’s reading levels and encourage discussion between child and adult in selection of books.  Suggested questions are also included to support children’s comprehension of the book they are reading.  When books are forgotten a whoops slip is sent home to remind parents to send books in the following day.

A Reading Ethos:

Through promotion of key literary events such as: World Book Day; National Story Teller Week; celebration of regular readers; class and phase competitions and door posters we encourage and support a love of literature.

Accelerated Reader

From Years 2 to 6, the children use the Accelerated Reader programme to engage and enhance their reading skills. They end each half term by completing a Star Reader test that determines the level of book they will be able to read independently. The children then choose a book within this certain range, they can take it home to read and they can read each afternoon in their classroom. When the book is finished, the child takes a quiz to check comprehension and vocabulary. The children LOVE to take quizzes on the books that they have read, and the more quizzes they pass, the more rewards they earn. These awards include: Most words read, highest % pass rates and class rewards in our inter-academy weekly contest!