Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Character Curriculum

The Character Curriculum

6 focus areas; enabling the children to develop the right mixture of skills and knowledge to prepare them for the next phase in their education and in becoming world citizens. It is a cross-curricular approach to teaching encompassing high levels of creativity and self-reflection; opportunities to make long-lasting memories and celebrations of the children’s successes. Each half term has a focus theme, such as ‘heritage and values’ or ‘global citizens’, which is repeated in each year. This enable children to build on previous knowledge and make connections in their learning.

Character: Our twelve character robots are a huge part of the academy and enable our children to reflect on their character development at a highly in-depth level. Children gather evidence throughout the year around the 12 characteristics and are celebrated through weekly assemblies and prizes when they complete an evidence profile. At the beginning of each theme the class profile for character and their social-emotional class profile is closely studied by the teacher and the curriculum is then planned around their bespoke needs for the upcoming half term.

Curriculum Overviews