Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome to Oasis Academy Warndon, part of the Warndon Hub, an academy where children thrive and excel through nurturing happy hearts, developing and encouraging enquiring minds and providing strong foundations for promising futures.

The Oasis ethos is underpinned by three words: Rabbi, Yada and Shalom. In the academy Rabbi is represented by the adults and being in relationship: feeling a sense of love and genuine desire to support success which is crucial to learning. Yada is developing knowledge which is then  is organised into schema: our knowledge of the world. We guide our pupils to reflect on the way in which we view the world; impacted by what we learn and understand. Learning therefore is to enhance models of the world. The more powerful and accurate your models of the world, the more successful you will be and more chance of success. We can only do this in relationship with people: therefore recognising the impact of emotion on learning. Shalom is imperative as we are searching for wholeness in every interaction.

The adults and children at our academy know we have something very special here. Throughout the academy there is an immediate ethos of warmth and care in relationships we share, which makes our academy and our children's experiences unique and memorable and a deep sense of hope and positivity in developing healthy relationships and community transformation. Our aim is for our pupils to become Character Crackerjacks (Expert in Character), which embodies what happens when we develop all 12 areas of character. The the antenaee on the Crackerjack’s head show a happy heart, and enquiring mind and a promising future, our academy vision and aim for all our pupils.

Our unrelenting focus on excellent teaching to ensures everyone has access to all future possibilities and is balanced with a knowledge-rich, skill-based curriculum which explicitly focuses on character development. Our progress measures are above or well above the national averages and we significantly exceeded the national average for attainment in reading, writing and maths. Equally important our Warndon Character Curriculum means our children develop the characteristics important for a successful career and the confidence, resilience and ambition to succeed. We do this by focusing on collaboration, problem solving, innovation and several other character traits and skills. This means our children are ready for whatever their next step is and strive to reach their potential: ready for whatever the future has to offer them.