Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Self- Controlled

What does self-controlled mean?

Having the ability to manage our own emotions and actions.

If I am being Self-controlled I can:

• Learn to respond rather than react to others and as a result, build some really positive, strong relationships.

• Develop the skills of self-reflection and resulting in me being more thoughtful and considered.

• Try really hard to respond positively even when things are challenging for.

• Listen really well to others and understand that to do this is a sign of developing the habit of being self-controlled.

• Know when to ask for help or to seek a time out so that I can get help in managing my own reactions and feelings.

• Practice particular breathing techniques to help me when they feel irritated or frustrated

• Tries to help others to be calm and not overreact to situations.

• Disagree with another person and not see this as falling out.

• Be good at listening, not interrupt and learn that listening to others is not just about waiting your turn to speak.

• Bring a sense of calm and peace to others.


• Spend a few minutes focussing on your breathing (box breathing, hand breathing, etc)

• Spend a few minutes practising mindfulness (sensing in, mindful minute, etc)

• Think about a time you were upset or angry and how that made your body feel. Now consider what you can do before you feel this way.

• Go through a range of emotions and use playdough to replicate how they make your body feel.

• Think of a time you disagreed with someone because you had a different opinion. Did you fall out? What could you do better next time?