Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


What does joyful mean?

A deep sense of contentment with life.

If I am being Joyful I can:

• Find joy in every day

• Have an infectious joy that other can’t help but catch

• Practice gratitude

• Reframe even the most difficult challenges in order to overcome them

• Find joy in every activity, whatever the circumstances

• Celebrate small and big achievements

• Appreciate the people around me and value the contribution they make

• Look out for those who are feeling sad and work hard to include them and help them feel happier

• Show gratitude to others


• What makes you happy? Make some time to do it

• Do something fun – build a fort, play a game

• Dance like no-ones watching

• Spread joy – smile at someone and say hello

• Write down three things you are grateful for

• Draw a picture of someone and write why you are grateful for them and the things they do

• On a tricky day, find one thing that was positive