Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


What does being humble mean?

Seeing the intrinsic worth in others, all created equal; giving honour and encouragement to all; not lauding it over others.

If I am being Humble I can:

• Learn to really value myself and see myself in a positive way.

• Have a humble confidence which is expressed in a positive way towards others.

• Recognise that they are still learning.

• Be honest about how I am doing and can talk about how I would like to improve to become the best version of myself.

• Show a willingness, as well as skill, in listening to others

• Take a real interest in how others are and take the time to check they are ok.

• Display a willingness to ask for help and be willing to help others.

• Be really inquisitive to find out as much as I can, knowing there is always more to learn.

• Listen well to feedback and look to apply advice given.

• Be positive about the things that others achieve – it is infectious and brings joy to us all.

• Value positive traits in others and sees others in a positive way.

• Help others to feel more confident about who they are and what they can do.

• Treat people equally and makes sure everyone feels valued and appreciated.

• Be thoughtful and kind and ensure others are appreciated, celebrating their achievements.


• Write down three things you are thankful or grateful for

• Appreciate others strengths – tell someone something they are great at!

• Draw a picture of someone and write down all of the reasons why they are amazing

• Help others – not just because you want praise!

• Let someone else go to the front of the line.

• Spend time listening to others instead of telling them something.

• Think of one thing you want to improve

• Ask for feedback from someone

• Make a list of things you are thankful for