Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The Oasis Model of Governance

The Oasis model of governance is designed to ensure strong accountability and therefore great educational standards. Statutory governance responsibilities are held by the OCL Board, who ultimately govern each Academy. These responsibilities are delegated to the OCL CEO, National Director of Academies and Regional Directors and then to Principals; taking responsibility for overall performance, financial viability, legal compliance and statutory duties.

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Professional Governance and Executive Leadership

The National Director of Academies is accountable to the CEO assisting them and acting with their full authority to deliver education and governance across all Oasis Academies. The role will deputise for the CEO and act as an ambassador for the organisation.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors, on behalf of the CEO, line-manage Academy Principals and Executive Principals. Regional Directors have responsibility for Academy target setting and monitoring the progress that Academies are making towards addressing improvement priorities identified by the Monitoring & Standards Team. Regional Directors are accountable for ensuring an effective culture of safeguarding. You can find out more about our RD by visiting our Regional Leadership page. 

National Directors and Monitoring & Evaluation Team

The National Director of Monitoring Standards leads a Monitoring and Evaluation Team, informing school evaluation and providing our academy leaders with key information on what their academy is doing well and what steps they should consider taking further to improve things.

Hub Councils

The key principle of OCL’s Governance is that it operates through Regional Directors via their executive leadership, whilst the Hub Council as a local body provides feedback and community context and information to ensure that we act according to our ethos and represent the needs of our students, their parents and the communities we serve.  Hub Councillors are not statutory governance and have no statutory responsibility. To find out more about Hub Councils please visit our community section.