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Parental Engagements

Please see below the Parental Engagements for Spring Term 2019.

Happy Hearts                           
Chinese NY Workshop          Tuesday 5th February      10:30am and 2:00pm                    
Number Rhyme Workshop                      Tuesday 2nd April                                10:30am and 2:00pm                         
Shape Workshop                Thursday 28th February      8:45am and 12:20pm         
Mother's Day Workshop                          Thursday 28th March                            8:45am and 12:20pm
Reception Neverland Stay and Play              Thursday 7th February             9am KS1 Hall   Maths Stay and Play                                    Thursday 21st March                                9am KS1 Hall
Year 1  Art Gallery                                    Monday 4th February          2:50pm KS1 Hall Growth Mind Set Workshops                        Tuesday 12th March                                  9am KS1 and KS2 Hall
Year 2 Growth Mind Set Workshops      Wednesday 30th January          9:15am KS2 Hall STEM Workshop                                        Tuesday 5th February                              9:15am Year 2 Classrooms
Year 3 Curriculum Celebration              Friday 15th February                2:00pm KS2 Hall Growth Mind Set Workshops                      Thursday 11th April                                  2:00pm KS2 Hall
Year 4 Curriculum Celebration              Thursday 14th February          10:30am KS2 Hall Growth Mind Set Workshop                      Tuesday 14th March                                  2:00pm-3:00pm KS2 Hall
Year 5  Curriculum Celebration              Monday 11th February            9:30am KS2 Hall Growth Mind Set Workshop                        Monday 11th March                                  2:30pm KS2 Hall
Year 6 Times Table Rock Stars              Wednesday 23rd January        2:00pm-3:00pm KS2 Hall