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Introducing Attendopoly!!

Introducing Attendopoly!!

Attendopoly. Oasis Academy Warndon's very own version of Monopoly based around attendance

What is Attendopoly?

Attendopoly is Oasis Academy Warndon's very own take on the family favourite Monopoly. It is based all around attendance and specific to the Warndon area.

Each week the top 3 classes are awarded points to move around the board. 1st place will get 6, 2nd place will get 4 and 3rd place will get 2. At the end of term each class/phase will receive 3 moves per certificate earned. 

What are the moves?

Like Monopoly if you land on a Community Chest or Chance you must follow the instructions on the card.

If you land on a Railway you will receive a tasty treat. 

If you land on Worcester Races/Worcester Warriors you will receive a sporty treat. 

When you go past go earn raffle tickets for your class.