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Oasis Warndon does Comic Relief!
Amey Lewis

Comic Relief 2019 was a great success here at Oasis Warndon this year. We launched the start of Comic Relief Monday 25th February 2019.

Here we spent time learning Disney songs, held Disney discos in the playground and children voted for their favourite Disney film which they would be watching on Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day started off fabulously with our Disney singalong in the KS2 playground where families in their flocks turned up to show their support for the great cause. 

The day followed on with many children dressing up and donating their £1. Finally ending with their favourite Disney film



World Book Day Character Extravaganza!  
Amey Lewis

World Book Day Character Extravaganza!  

We are extremely proud to have participated in the 22nd year World Book Day celebrations on 7th March. All of Our students came dressed in their favourite book character.

It was amazing to see so many of our children’s personalities shine through in the costumes they chose. It really highlighted the impact that our ‘Oasis Warndon Loves to Read’ initiative has.

One of our Year 6 students said:

On world book day , we dressed up as Roald Dahl characters as a school. It was a great day to find out what other students dressed up as! There were many children who dressed up as Matilda. It was great fun to see a few pupils who had dressed up as ‘Golden Tickets.’ Everyone dressed up differently despite being the same characters such as : Sophie from the BFG; Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda  and Miss Trunchbull from Matilda! I love Roald Dahl  as an author and my favourite book by him is ‘ Going Solo,’ which not many people have read.

It was a fabulous day to celebrate our love of reading! Miss Swann has also told us that with the money raised from the book fair during parents evening, she has ordered a whole new range of exciting books for our school library!


Worcestershire Education Awards!
Amey Lewis

We are incredibly proud to announce that our very own Mrs Hancock (Wrap Around Care Manager) has been nominated for the Unsung Hero Award in Worcestershire Education Awards!!

The voter has described Mrs Hancock as being 'A caring woman who provides a ‘homely, safe and encouraging place for children’ a prime example of the 9 habits in which Oasis Academies work by. 

Community Hub Turns 1!
Amey Lewis

Oasis Community Hub held their 1st birthday party Saturday 2nd February 2019. It was a huge success! Over 70 guests joined them for a day filled with lots of fun activities including, decorating a cookie with an emoji face, making a clay birthday cake thumb pot or tile, pin the tail on the alpaca, archery, short tennis and goal shooting, as well as giant jenga, a skill, game with Lego and dominos!

Party goers were treated to live acoustic guitar music all while enjoying some fabulously decorated homemade cakes by some of the hub volunteers and school chefs!

Alex Willetts parent at the school said “The boys really liked the archery, but they love coming to the hub each week for lots of fun activities. They really enjoyed the cake!’

A parent who opted to stay anonymous said “Me and my family decided to come to the hub as our Saturdays are normally empty. My son liked playing with the balloons, icing cake and playing with play doh”

The event and activities was all based around Oasis Community Learning 9 habits.

Those attending the event received a 9 habits passport. After completing each activity people were invited to make a 9habits pledge either for themselves or their community. Pledges included ‘To be more honest to my mommy’, ‘To be more hopeful that I can contribute more to the community hub’ and ‘Doing more activities that make me feel more joyful’!

Many local community organisations supported this special occasion. Including Fortis Living, Worcestershire County Council Family Learning, Community Church Warndon and Freedom Leisure.

Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages!
Amey Lewis

A few weeks ago, year five went to Warwick Castle. This was an opportunity to learn more about medieval crimes and their punishments. These are a few of our favourite things that we remember from the trip.

We liked the risk of climbing Guy’s Tower, it felt risky and scary, which also made it exciting and the view from the top was awe-inspiring!

We learnt how in the Middle Ages every single crime will always equal a punishment (no matter how small) this meant the punishments were often unfair and mean! We visited a Gaol, which looked like a very dark dungeon. The Gaol had a small hole in the ground called ‘The Oubliette’, which means ‘forgotten’ and if placed in here, you would be forgotten about and starve to death!

One of the funniest moments on the trip was watching the archer. He told us that most of the archers in battle are peasants and that the knights spend all their time lazing  around – probably sitting in the pub – until the battle has been won and they can ride in to steal the glory!


Museum of World War 2!
Hannah Skinner

This week Year 6 went on a fabulous trip to Bewdley Museum. We learnt many facts about WW2 that we did not know- Harriet, Kallie and Michael share some of them with you throughout this blog.


By Harriet Elt, Kallie Anne Smith and Michael Clay. 

This week Year 6 went on a fabulous trip to Bewdley Museum. We learnt many facts about WW2 that we did not know- we will share some of them with you throughout this blog.

Firstly, we learned about evacuation, where children from cities were evacuated to safer places in the countryside. 2 million children were evacuated in the period between 1st -3rd September 1939 few days before war broke out. After this segment we learned about bombs, from incendiary devices to larger bombs that destroyed important infrastructure. The ARP (Air Raid Precaution) went around the city and made sure that people were following the blackout procedures – the blinds should be down and lights would be out. Interestingly, we found out that lamp posts and other things that people might bump into were painted white at the bottoms so people could see them in the dim light and no injuries would happen from people bumping into them.

Next, we learned about ration books. Rations were to make sure everyone had an equal amount of food. People were also encouraged to grow their own vegetables. You only had a certain amount of food each week (i.e. one egg and 50g of butter!) It was not a lot, but people made it last and were very inventive.  People also learned how to reuse and recycle, as they could not buy new clothes anymore. They knitted and made rag rugs and repaired any damaged clothes.

We had our lunch and got to go to the gift shop, where we could spend our money!  After lunch, the guides told us about gas masks. Everyone had gas masks and they were well trained to put them on quickly, they even had drills in school. Children had different types of gas masks, based on Micky mouse. Everyone had to take their masks everywhere they went, but there was no use of gas during WW2. Babies had a type of mask that parents put them in and then pumped air into.

Finally, we got to try out some’ rag rugging’ and some typical games –like skipping, hoopla, cup and ball and yo yo’s. These were really fun!

We had a great time and the staff at the museum were lovely. We arrived back at school by about 2.45!