Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome to Oasis Academy Warndon, an academy where children thrive and excel through nurturing happy hearts, developing and encouraging enquiring minds and providing strong foundations for promising futures.

The adults and children at our academy know we have something very special here. Throughout the academy there is an immediate ethos of warmth and care in relationships we share, which makes our academy and our children's experiences unique and memorable.

Our unrelenting focus on excellent teaching to ensure everyone has access to all future possibilities, is balanced with a real-life, skill-based curriculum. Our progress measures in 2015 were above or well above the national averages and we significantly exceeded the national average for writing and maths in 2016. A bespoke, skill-based curriculum means our children also develop the characteristics important for a successful career. We do this by focusing on collaboration, problem solving, innovation and several other character traits and skills. This means our children are ready for whatever their next step is and strive to reach their potential: ready for whatever the future has to offer them.  


Children are happy, settled and make good progress

Ofsted 2015